I love capturing those moments that should never be forgotten.

Expectant parents brimming with hope and excitement. The way he locks his gaze on her and pulls her in around the waist as they walk side by side. A Mama sinking her lips into her baby's cheeks for the hundredth time that day, breathing in deep that heavenly smell. Little arms wrapped tight around her legs and the comfort her embrace brings when there's tears. A daughter flirting and giggling in her Daddy's arms or a father tackled to the ground by his sons.  Little girls twirling in fields and boys collecting sticks and throwing rocks into the river. Saturday mornings spent making pancakes and dancing in the kitchen. Messy countertops and little helpers with floury hands. Nappy changes, family high fives and tippy toes reaching the tap. Bedtime stories, goodnight kisses and little hands grasped tight around their Mama's neck.

My favourite sessions are in the family home, capturing the beautifully mundane every day moments. I like to work with you and get to know you as much as possible, so I can capture photos that reflect who you are. When I am photographing I like to be out of the way, giving you space to be yourselves, have fun and forget I am there.

If you are interested in having me capture your family send me an email at info@thecaptureproject.com. I'd love to document your story so that you have tangible memories of this season in life, to look back on in years to come.